A future for housing, one property at a time

One Earth Property is an innovative, for-purpose property group redefining housing through inspired design, sustainability and social good.


“If the system is broken, design a new system”, Jeremy McLeod.

Designing a new system starts with asking the right questions.

What if housing could be elegant, sustainable and affordable?

At One Earth Property, we're not just building housing, we're building community. With human-centered design, we create places people want to live in and shared spaces that foster a vibrant community. We build more with less, driving affordability without compromising on liveability and sustainability. Our purpose? Building a better world, one home at a time.

What if we build housing for more than just profit?

Our commitment extends beyond profit to promoting resident value and cultivating diverse, flourishing communities across the entire housing spectrum. We are pioneers actively investing in sustainability and affordability for future generations.

What if we could build a better tomorrow?

Building a better future takes more than us. At One Earth Property we prioritize shared values, innovation, sustainability and affordability in our partnerships. We collaborate with community housing providers, government agencies, impact investors, builders and land owners with the aim of delivering exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our team possesses the qualifications, capability, resources, and experience to bring incredible projects to life. With strategic thinking and tenacity, we make it a reality, leaving a legacy of design excellence, sustainability, and community-centric urban outcomes.

Building vibrant communities

At One Earth Property, our commitment is to cultivate vibrant and diverse communities. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating sustainability, social responsibility, and the local context into our projects.

We assemble partners and structure our delivery model for each project to optimise delivery to ensure long term value.  

We’re built differently

People & Planet First

At One Earth Property, we prioritize people and our planet. Our projects are designed to enhance residents' lives through affordability and community engagement and are shaped by an unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Integrity in Action

We operate with an absolute sense of integrity as a transparent hard working team committed to creating innovative, sustainable, affordable, collaborative projects.

Power of Teamwork

Our belief in the power of teamwork is core to our operations—we know that the best outcomes result from working together. That’s why we embrace collaborations and partnerships. Feel free to reach out to us!

Pursuit of Excellence

In everything we do, we strive for excellence. From the aesthetic appeal of our buildings, to the value we deliver for our clients and communities, and the transaction structures / delivery models - we never settle for anything less than the best outcome for all stakeholders.

A purpose driven team

We boast world-class expertise in property development, with an impressive portfolio of internationally awarded developments.

Benn Zemek | Director

With over 15 years experience as a senior real estate development and investment management executive, Benn has played a crucial role in one of the world's largest urban regeneration projects. Throughout his career Benn has successfully facilitated over $17 billion of residential and commercial development across Australian and the UK.

Relevant Experience:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Battersea Power Station Development
  • Transaction Manager at Macquarie Real Estate Equity Funds
Jeremy McLeod | Director

Jeremy McLeod is the Managing Director and founder of Breathe Architecture, a studio dedicated to creating world-class architecture with a meaningful and lasting impact on housing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability. He is also the co-founder of Nightingale Housing, an innovative initiative offering apartments that are financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Relevant Experience:

  • Co-founder and Managing Director, Breathe Architecture
  • Co-founder and Managing Director, Nightingale Housing

Ben Koop | Director

Over 20 years of experience in advising on and structuring JV and partnering transactions for major urban renewal projects across Australia. Completed $1.2bn in JV and real estate transactions for projects with an end value of over $7.5bn.  Curated over 215,000sqm of destinational retail & entertainment space. 

Relevant Experience 

  • MD Alinea Group
  • National Director JLL Strategic Consulting 
Ian Leslie | Director

Over 15 years of real estate experience advising on large scale urban renewal projects and JV transactions.

He has advised on and facilitated projects with a combined end value in excess of $6bn

Relevant Experience 

  • Executive, Strategic Consulting Jones Lang LaSalle 
  • Executive, Real Estate Advisory Services, KPMG 
  • Asset Manager, Macquarie Real Estate 


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